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The Clampdown (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-13

The Clampdown came out of the ashes of some local stinker bands that now try to sound like everyone else and fail miserably. The Clampdown features Mike Burt, Rob Brady, Ian Webster who have been cutting their teeth on the hardcore and punk scene since the mid 90s. Along the way music has changed and The Clampdown is an expression of a long lost spirit, a rebirth of a much-missed art form. Taking cues from legends like The Clash, Minor Threat and The Sex Pistols, as well as modern day acts like The Explosion, Alkaline Trio and The Bouncing Souls. In these days where emo and metal dominate “underground" music, The Clampdown is poised to take on music with a two fisted attack of true punk rock. No glitz, No girl jeans and hipster fashion, no bullshit. Just music we'd want to hear and play. We are currently looking for shows in the New Jersey area, if you are booking or know someone that is please contact us.

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