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The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-05-29

The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular is an exciting new concept in modern electronic music. Not only will it bring an audience into noisy, bright, and melodic electronic music, but it will deliver it in 100% Blue and Red 3D. The complete multi-media experience was started by Rob Bowman with visuals provided by Dave Tennent and Kate of Room 404. Everyone who enters a show will receive a pair of special 3D glasses. An audience member will witness bright lights, large 3D images and music that sooths the soul. The music can only be described as organic electronic. No computer sequencing, but just straight up improvisational original electronics with live drums. Not quite dnb, not quite house, not quite avant garde, not quite Jazz, not quite Rock, not quite Trip Hop, but all encompassing.

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