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The Blameshifters (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-07

Since 2003 (or somewhere thereabouts), The Blameshifters have quickly been spreading their message of political dissent and social justice all across California. Whether playing alongside bands such as Social Unrest, Agent Orange, or The Dickies, audiences say, "you can never get enough of their good old fashioned melodic speed punk". Known as one of the most reliable bands in the northern California punk scene, they put the punk in punctual... Ever since their debut album "Feast Before the Famine" was independently recorded and released in 2005, this class act of retards has been mixing up harmonies and speed with socratically ironic, politically charged lyrics for anyone who wants to hear it (even some who don't). The Blameshifters, being the ardent DIY band they are, again independently recorded and released their second album, "Disenfranchised Anarchist" in late 2007. What many people call the best DIY production they've ever heard, "Disenfranchised Anarchist" is comprised of 15 energetic songs filled to the brim with truth and sarcasm. Songs such as "Not Religious" (which insinuates priests and nuns do things priests usually reserve for little boys), likely damns them to hell.

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