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Th Most Beautiful Losers (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-04-29

A drinkin’ band with a rock-n-roll problem, The Most Beautiful Losers began in the Spring of 2002 and have had their muddy boots full on the throttle ever since. A brawling, rocking power trio that is dead set on kicking your ass one minute and making you hum their songs the next, the Losers quickly began to make a name for themselves based on their awesome live shows. Influenced by old time country music, punk and southern rock and bands like The Replacements, Lucero, Social Distortion etc... If you have ever found yourself spending all of your money at the bar and crying in your beer about a lost love or that good job you just lost at the factory after failing your piss test, then The Most Beautiful Losers are definitely for you. Underdogs through and through, they know where you’re coming from man, because t

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