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TMSC (Too Many Screaming Children) (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-09-27

10 years of making ourselves deaf! formed in 1999 in shitty Southern California. kind of relocated to shittier Bakersfield, CA in 2005. Multiple DIY releases on Fugly Records and various underground tape labels. we 3 record nerds play short,fast, and loud second wave power violence/grindcore/crust/thrash/noise/punk experiments. email me for releases, trades, more info about this band, and booking. i can book DIY touring bands coming through Bakersfield on occasion, not every occasion. we like compilations so hit us up if ya need a band. DIY, vegan and vegetarian, atheist, "brutal", punky and crusty nice guys who make awful noises. the other listing is dead on BYOFL.ORG. this is the update! peace, love, and bbbllleeeaaauuurrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- TMSC.


Jasen (Posted 2009-12-20 10:12:41)

oops! all out of t-shirts. hope you got yers. looks like there's no vinyl coming out either. shucks! goodbye to our bassist Daniel, have fun in Arizona. UP THE PUNX! our last gig or 2 is in the SGV in January 2010. goodby cruel world! DIY 4EVR!TMSC (1999-2010).

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