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THROUGH TRIALS (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-08

THROUGH TRIALS bring their commitment to hardcore with the music that they make. They mix old school style hardcore with a new sound and toss you into the circle pit 1988 style. Their music is full of classic breakdowns and lyrics that challenge us to look at ourselves, the hardcore scene, and the world we live in today. From Lexington, Kentucky, THROUGH TRIALS formed in early '07 by a few guys who wanted to break new ground to get Lexington out of the musical rut it seemed to be in. So many bands in the local scene had such a similar sound, that some felt the scene was dead. THROUGH TRIALS tries to be one of the more original and influential hardcore bands in Lexington due to amazing songs and great live shows. Combining the speed and intensity of the music that shaped their youth, with a raw and brutal edge that will put them at the forefront of today‘s hardcore scene. Each member of Lexington‘s THROUGH TRIALS draws from a long history of active involvement in the hardcore scene. Despite their contrasting backgrounds and beliefs, the tight bond within THROUGH TRIALS is a living testament of unity amongst diversity, which is essential in the hardcore scene. Aspiring to make every song a crushing display of emotion and power, songwriting has become a very important and involved process for the band. Approaching the completion of enough songs for a debut full length, their music is sure to take the hardcore scene by storm. THROUGH TRIALS have played with: AGNOSTIC FRONT [nuclear blast], CDC [filled with hate], DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR [bridge 9], EMAROSA [rise], FOR THE PROUD [demand], SEVENTH STAR [facedown], MODERN LIFE IS WAR [equal vision], HASTE THE DAY [solidstate], xRHINOCEROSx [seventh dagger], POUND FOR POUND [surprise attack], NJ BLOODLINE [century media], SALT THE WOUND [rotten], STICK TO YOUR GUNS [century media], TRASH TALK [malfunction], IT DIES TODAY [trustkill], TRAP THEM [deathwish inc], PROTEST THE HERO [vagrant], UNHOLY [lambgoat], VEIL OF MAYA [sumerian], WINDS OF PLAGUE [century media], xNEVER AGAINx [1981], and more.


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