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Strangeworld Underground (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-03-19

Born in the deep, dark South among an odd assortment of creatures and paintball enthusiasts, Jennie "Pyro" and Johnny "FlameHead" Doomsday have radiated rebellious ambition and artistic freedom since they could talk. The two guerrilla rockers have been instigators of the Texas music revolution since 2005 and plan to take the issue of musical freedom worldwide. Their debut album was released in February 2007. They hope to release their second album this year(2009). For the past two years, they've been expressing their untamed fire via the blasphemous internets, but now they're taking it to the streets. Join. The. Underground. Strangeworld Underground will never sign to a label. Pyro and Flamehead wrote and produced their album, It Begins... and their website is built and maintained by Pyro. Their myspace:

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