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Straitjacket (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-25

Drawing influences from a wide assortment of early punk music, Straitjacket carry on the tradition with a modern sound. Inspired by what great punk music means to us, success would be to make music that is just as important to others. With a stiff middle finger in the face of bullshit mainstream "punk", we want to glorify the energy, and independence of the real punk scene! Releases: s/t CDEP Dead Rock Records "The Loudest Voice" 7"ep - Dead Rock/ Pelado Records "Enemy" 7" - Jonny Cat Records(Jan. 2005) Straitjacket/ Shock Nagasaki Split 7" - TKO Records(Feb. 2005) Straitjacket Full Length coming in May 2005 on TKO Records


tb (Posted 2007-05-11 23:57:52)

friends! i was wondering if you had any opeings available or would be willing to help us in booking our coastal tour? or know of any bands we could get in touch with. we will do our best to return the favor! if at all interested please hit us back with the attack. thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

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