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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-07

MUSIC IS ON OUR MYSPACE!! Were a local Chicago,IL experimental/thrash band thats been working around town for over four years,we have dedicated ourselves to our music and plan on pursuing more great thing in the years to come.Our stage presence is completely insane,we are non-stop and we are not afraid of hurting each other. We have played hundreds of shows over the course of four years,seeing as we play at least once a week and are ready to tour fulltime and devote our life to it and to a label that will support us.We have seen your work in the region for a while now,and we would like to see if you can offer us any kind of help. Here is a list of some bands we have played with in the past... Black Dhalia Murder,Animosity,The Faceless,As Blood Runs Black,Beneath The Massacre,Sender Reciever,As Blood Runs Black,Suicide Silence,Eighteen Visions,The Devil Wears Prada,Any Given Second,The Concubine,Amora Savant,The Number 12 Looks Like You,Harlots,Haste The Day,Bowls of Judas,xLooking Forwardx,Pound For Pound,Neimiah,Paria,Death To Your King,At All Cost,Bled For Days,Knife The Glitter,The Arnolfini Marriage,The Last Perfection,Burning Love Letters,One Dead Three Wounded,Suffocate Faster,In The Face Of War,Too Pure To Die,Horse The Band,Tower Of Rome,See You Next Tuesday etc. etc. We've been playing local venue after local venue such as Transmission Gallery(Chicago,IL),Java Jims(Laporte,IN),Mojoes Cafe(Orland Park,IL),Wake The Dead(Decatur,IL),The Spot(Elyria,OH)Red Rooster Cafe(Lorain,OH),The Skunk's Nest(Niles,MI),Howell Opera House(Howell,MI),The Barn Of Death(Benton Harbor,MI),Skateland(Westland,MI),and constant legions,Eagles Clubs,Union Halls,etc(Madison,WI. Milwaukee,WI. Chicago,IL. Highland,IN. Lowell,IN. etc.). We take pride in what we do and we hope we can set something up,we have music up!

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