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SpeedSpeedSpeed (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-02-15

Formed in 2004 in the back of a small print shop, New York based Speed Speed Speed played only one local show before being sidelined by injury. Drummer Dan Komis, while moonlighting for a local death metal band, developed a double hernia, requiring surgery. Not wanting to stand idly by, the remaining members holed up amidst the machinery and paint fumes to begin working on the material that would become their debut. 4 years and one drummer later, that debut is finally here. Featuring ex-members of Long Island bands Irony of Lightfoot, Soulsick, Last Days of August, ThisYearsModel and Bravado; Speed Speed Speed is an amalgamation of punk rock ethics and diverse musical tastes. Their sound is an abrasive mix of post punk and straight rock; drawing influence from such bands as Fugazi, Refused, Guns n' Roses, Trail of Dead, At the Drive In and Clutch.

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