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Snot Nosed Terrors (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-28

SNOT NOSED TERRORS - Texas punk band formed in May of 2005, started with Kevin Ayala on vocals, Alex Farr on guitar, and Brandon Moss playing drums. On May 20, 2005, a shitty quality 5 song EP with no bass entitled "We Don't Care EP" was recorded and sent with Kevin to Los Angeles where he distributed about 20 copies, which was SNT's first DIY recording attempt. The song "Fuck You Johnny" from that EP was later discarded. SNT's first show on September 17th 2005 was played without a bassist, after that Julian Sanchez was recruited to play bass for SNT (his first show was SNT's second show in October 2005.) A live recording took place during Punk Fest on December 4, 2005 at Java Jazz which was compiled onto a CD with 8 tracks and DIY artwork and such. Several copies have been sold since the production of it. In February 2006 Kevin left for L.A. again, this time leaving the band permanently. Due to this incident the line up was changed and Alex is currently filling in while playing guitar. In October 2006, bassist Jullian left the band and Carl Rond replaced him on bass. As of now SNT is writing new songs and playing more shows in Houston. New recordings have been made, mixed roughly, and are now pursuing the recording of new songs. Snot Nosed Terrors have played with the likes of: Monster Squad, Krum Bums, Complete Control, Damage Case, The Restarts, Pressure Point, Whiskey Rebels, SS-Kaliert, Resilience, Mouth Sewn Shut, Drastic Actions, Rotten Youth, Lost City Souls, The Misled, The Scandals, Unit 21, The Reprehensibles, Hellstown Rebels, Black Star Brigade, Latex Nuns, The FNA's, FBS, 26 Beers, Group 36, Bloodline, Our Corpse Destroyed, Sober Daze, Final Summation, Corrupted Youth, and the locals: Los Disfuntos, Gutter Rats, Fatal Assault, Putch, Dissent, Negative Outlook, The Quarantines, All or Nuthin, The Bad Antix, El Desmadre, The Hates, P.W.I. , THO, LDV, Riot Up Front, The Drafted, Rats In the Attic, Molotov Compromise, and more. We have played at Walters on Washington, The White Swan, Southmore House, Little Cardi's, Dirtwood Skatepark, The Pitt in Pasadena, The Forum in La Porte, Java Jazz in Spring, and The Red 7 in Austin, as well as a house show at this guys house who is named Mike. We hope to play your town soon!! LINE UP: (Alex and Brandon are the only constant members of SNT) Kevin - Vocals May 2005 to February 2006 Alex - Guitar/Vocals May 2005 to present Jullian - Bass/Vocals May 2005 to October 2006 Brandon - Drums/Vocals May 2005 to present Carl - Bass/Vocals October 2006 to present DISCOGRAPHY: We Don't Care E.P. - Mid 2005 SNT LIVE - Winter 2005 SNOT NOSED TERRORS - Not yet released

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