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Sleep Serapis Sleep (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-23

Sleep Serapis Sleep’s innovative approach to metal has forged a unique breed of aggressive music, which merges raw thrash-brutality and carefully crafted melody. Together, the members are a self-sustaining entity that has booked, managed and promoted itself, almost relentlessly, to an unsuspecting underground metal scene. Touring solo or with other independent metal outfits, the band has been mercilessly taking audiences all over the United States by the throat. Even after the release of “Dead Man Walking” for a capacity audience in their hometown, they claims every fan as a friend. Without any big breaks or label support, it seems their frenzied following is all they need. Simply put, Sleep Serapis Sleep refuses to fail. Points of Interest -Began in January, 2006 -Toured Nationally 4 Times -Appeared on the Ernie Ball Stage at the 2007 Vans Warped Tour in Milwaukee -Debut EP “Dead Man Walking” Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joey Sturgis of -Foundation Studios (The Devil Wears Prada, For the Fallen Dreams, Gwen Stacy) -“Dead Man Walking” Released with Emmure and 100+ Over Capacity at Milwaukee’s Miramar Theatre -“Dead Man Walking” Sold 100+ Copies Opening Night Alone, and 1000+ total -Regional and National dates with The Bled, Dead to Fall, Born of Osiris and many more -Sold Thousands in Posters, Shirts, CD’s, Stickers, and Pins and other promotional materials

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