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Sid Yiddish (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-02-04

Even though I'm what most would categorically call me a multi-disciplinary performance artist, primarily, it boils down to punk-poet, throat singer, street performer & performance artist, who can work with the lowest common denominator or the highest paid Joe in the world and still come up stinking like a rose. I've opened for the PeckerGnats, Noel Thrasher, Johnny Lowe, Donoma & The Paver & have performed alongside MaximumRocknRoll columnist Mykel Board, Clean Boys (Denmark), Italian sound artist Alessandro Bosetti (Berlin), Flabby Hoffman Trio, Dan Godston, Strange Ranger, Ono, The Material, Blameshift, Martes Martes, as well as countless other bands, poets, film-makers & spoken wordists. My work encompasses every single genre that is either known or not known and I mix it all together into one tasty bite-size caramel, creating one fantastic eargasm of sound & word explosion.

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