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Setbacks (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-14

Setbacks was formed in 2005 by 5 kids who knew little to nothing about what they were getting themselves into. Considering the fact that I'm in the band and writing this bio, I choose not to reveal our old band name. We are scarred to this day with our reputation, but are making a steady recovery. The band defined its sound in mid to later 2007 with the addition of guitarist Evan Bishop, and with Alex Ward stepping up to the mic as lead vocals. Also replaced in the lineup was drummer Joey Moonchild by Eric Jordan. Joey now plays in a hardcore punk band called Sweatshop with Nathan, Alex, and Mike. Evan was later desposed of in the summer of 2008, as most song writing is done by bassist Nathan Ward and guitarist Mike Gill. The band currently plays as a four piece, and is currently making final touches on their debut full length release (title TBA). Other releases that are currently in the works are a split with Stoop Kid (ex members of the Fuct), and later in the year, a new EP.

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