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Sad Tropics (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-05-23

Candy. Puppies. Diamond rings. Rock and roll power trios. Good things often come in small packages. Since 2006, Sad Tropics, a little band with a big sound, has been making a lot of noise both onstage and off, thanks to internet buzz, the release of a debut ep, consistent radio play, a summer tour to the East coast, and of course the band�s energetic and unpredictable live show. Though still a young band, the members of Sad Tropics are all seasoned veterans of the music scene, with bassist/vocalist Andy Martin and drummer Jeremiah Wade playing together in various bands since high school, and guitarist/vocalist Josh Hensley�s other band, The Rutabega, enjoying success as a recording artist for Chicago�s Johann�s Face record label, which earned the band major distribution and licensing agreements with MTV for use on television shows such as The Real World and Road Rules. Since the band�s inception and earliest performances, audiences have been enrapt with Sad Tropics� intense and engaging live show. These guys consider no gig too big or too small, playing everywhere from theaters and clubs to private parties in barns and art galleries. Serious music fans themselves, Sad Tropics have excitedly shared the stage with a wide variety of nationally-recognized acts and regionally recognized independent bands as well. Shortly before a 2007 summer tour, Sad Tropics also managed to find time to record and release a six-song cd, Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt. Produced by the band and mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering in Chicago, the EP has been selling steadily thanks to exposure at shows, local retail outlets, radio play on Midwest stations everywhere from Louisville to Chicago, online stores (including the iTunes Music Store), and the band�s own website. Veterans of the early hardcore scene, and the recent indie rock �explosion,� the band does not fit in with any current musical trends. Musically however, the band harkens back power pop ghosts of the past including The Kinks, Husker Du, Fugazi, and R.E.M. For more information on the band and their music check out the Sad Tropics Myspace page, or their Number One Music page at �Total pop with a lemony twist of intelligence (take that generic emo band of the month!)� �Razorcake �Combine a heavy dose of the Pixies and Fugazi with the melodic vocals of Matthew Sweet and Built to Spill, add the quirkiness of Weezer, and you�ve got a great band, Sad Tropics� �S.L.A.M.

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