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Robert Delirio (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-01-21

Robert Delirio has been one of the founders of the famous Italian Hardcore Punk Band ATROX. With them he has done the following works: Fiori Neri, Sporco Natale, Domani Rosso Sangue ed Hardcore Against Repression. In the 90's, Robert Delirio has been one of the few people to find "erratic" bits: from that moment he started his search around the world. He has wandered for years, starting from Milan - Italy, going through the Asian Skyscrapers of Singapore up to Isralei and Palestinian Kibbutz: now he lives in California, in the hyper-technological Silicon Valley. His innovative musical style has been defined DIGI-CORE or ELECTRO-CORE: a crossover between Italian Hardcore Punk, and American Electro-Techno. In his personal and experimental way, Robert Delirio uses the modern techniques of loops, sampling, digital recording and software instruments (which are usually adopted by Hip Hop street composers) to get to a solid and violent Hardcore Punk style of music. He believes in a new type of DYI digital distribution, which is totally independent and outside the music industry traditional channels. You can donwload most of the music from web-site with a symbolic donation of $1.99 USD (or €1.99 Euro) for a full CD In 2009 Robert Delirio is launching a NEW CD titled "Digital-CORE". The list of songs is astonishing: 15 hard and fast tracks. An hyronic view of the major issues of the new centuy: Genetically Modified Food, Global Warming and the New Economy Impact. 01. G.M.O. The invasion of Genetically Modified Organisms 02. HOT HEAT Global warming effects 03. DOWN TO THE GROUND Powerful lobbies playing Washington politics 04. BLACK LUNGS The true color of smokers’ lungs 05. IN THE S.U.V. Interested in hybrid cars? 06. DREAM OF HAPPY HOLIDAYS The most profitable time of the year 07. MADE IN CHINA Manufacturing disappeared from US & Europe 08. UNITED NATIONS OF STANDARDIZED FOOD All restaurants offer the same menu 09. WONDERFUL PILLS Pharmaceuticals and the placebo effect 10. TEN HUNDRED YEARS Mankind always repeats the same mistakes 11. E PLURIBUS UNUM Proposing a N.A.F.T.A national anthem 12. FALAFEL (Italian Version) Israeli and Palestinians sharing stuff 13. O.G.M. (Italian Version) G.M.O. in Italian 14. ATROX HARDCORE REMIX Greatest Hits of the Italian Hardcore band 15. EXPERIMENTAL MOZART A String Quartet for the future (K421))

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