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Rinker (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-07

The Kings of Drunk Rock! Rinker is a music group located in the heart of Central Florida, working under their own label "Vagrant Productions". They have released several low budget D.I.Y. punk rock cd's, and have played hundreds of live shows throughout the southeastern United Sates. Rinker has always and will always be active in the local scene and finds most of its inspiration within. Rinker has currently evolved into a more darker sound. With the addition of new drummer Scum and new bassist Stan Derby (along with original members Rob, Shawn & Joey) a new more brutal dynamic has been achieved, and with the addition of dark sci-fi , and political samples mixed into the sets Rinker has stepped up their live shows into a tight barrage of rock. "We have, in all reality rediscovered our roots and are ready once again to take on the world."

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