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Prima (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-19

Since their conception in 2006, Prima has worked to establish a unique yet tangible sound that shows signs of maturity beyond their years. Without being fake or insincere, the group's songs touch on a large spectrum of genres and universal ideas. Through insightful, and sometimes introspective songwriting, the songs have become relevant to a wide audience within their home town of Albany, New York and across the east coast. With the release of their most recent EP, "Details," The band displays an enormous amount of potential. From catchy hooks to dark stories of survival, the band has created a record that demands to be heard in the headphones of indie, pop, and rock fans alike. Singer-songwriter, Collin Reynolds, shows musical talent as a well rounded pianist and guitarist. The poetic nature of his lyrics is evident in tracks such as "The Wheat and The Tares," a song of moral corruption and spiritual ambiguity. Although seemingly typical, many of the lyrics off the record present an underlying struggle between faith and skepticism. Incidentally, Reynolds' writing is not limited to these themes. The song "Set Watch Mr. Chase," is a dark portrayal of the true story that was The Whale Ship Essex. Based off of the Novel Into The Heart of The Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick, the song takes us on a tragic journey from the crew's perspective as they fight for their lives in the middle of the Pacific. These musical landscapes come alive through smart arrangements, danceable rhythms, and emotional melodies as each member brings something special to the table. As well as solid songwriting, the band's work ethic cannot go unnoticed. Funding the project solely themselves, the band has managed to play over 60 shows along the east coast, recorded and mastered an EP of professional standards that has created a strong fan-base and internet following. This can be attributed to promotion and persistence, although the band still insists that a good song is ultimately the most important element. The live show can best be described as explosive yet audibly pleasant. Backing up what they laid down in the studio, Prima still manages to create a real, raw experience. The band continues to show promise as they plan to hit the road to play as many shows as possible.

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