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National Sunday Law (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-05-25

National Sunday Law blends the sounds of metal, post hardcore, prog rock, ambient and experimental indie rock. Consisting of Derek Donley (drums, synth and samples) and Darin Tambascio (guitar, celloblaster and synth), this Los Angeles area duo incorporates loops, samples and synthesizers for added texture on top of their powerful guitar and drums foundation. By straying away from compositional standards, National Sunday Law's songs can be short and concise, long and intricate, or somewhere in between. With its changing meters, shifting tempos, and extreme dynamics, National Sunday Law creates compositions that are complex and creative. Ranging from calming ambient to brutal metal, NSL's music has very few boundaries and will continue to transform. National Sunday Law is currently distributing their free six song demo at shows and through the mail. By early 2008, NSL plans to release a higher quality full length recording of the demo songs as well as new material. Audiences have compared National Sunday Law to bands such as Botch, Don Caballero, Failure, Hella, Jesu, Neurosis and Zombi.

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