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NInjas With Syringes (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-03

Born of llama and mortal man, Ninjas W/ Syringes emerged from a research facility somewhere near Nelson, BC in the summer of 1943. Originally designed as sex robots, they were also equipped with advanced healing factors, heat vision, and super strength. As WW2 worsened the trio was recruited by the American government to fight against the Nazi campaign in Europe, but they totally got lost on the way and ended up in what they thought to be modern day Iran. Assuming odd jobs under the name Mr. Pilkington and BJ Busy Bottoms, the unbequeathed erect duo earned modest wages scavaging under the clever guises - riverboat gamblers! In an attempt to sleep in the VIP suites, the two befriended Commander Borthwick, dastardly mariner of the seven seas (as well as 5 or 6 small rivers.) Fully manned as a trio of sexiness and w/ the seas to their backs and nayly a penny of pence to their name they spent several booze soaked years frolicking for the barren hillsides for elder-berries and eventually navigated the I-5 north until one fine day they happened upon a quiet town beside a river. The seemingly queer unit instantly fell in love with the many bridges and wonderful bowling alleys Portland had to offer. Matty D. was the first to start writing songs, churning out Pop-Punk classics such as "Happy" and "Ninja Gaiden is Hard." After multiple bank robbery indictments and pending litigation involving vehicular man-slaughter, Alex began collaborating with the D, writing new material and performing terribly in front of 3 sometimes even 4 people at a time! Now transformed faithfully after a perchance run-in at the local Arby's by hairy mighty steed, CJ, they are on they laws side, fighting crime and playing shows making the world safe and getting tons of sweet succulent juicy ass in the process. Old or young, man or woman, fat and ugly -no hole is too big or small to be safe from: Ninjas W/ Syringes ... When the lights are off.

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