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Mum Locked In Castle (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-29

Mum Locked In Castle mix the soulful vocals and grooves of Jamiroquai with the intense passion of The Mars Volta. Fast stoner riffs pounding into jazzy interludes and intelligent lyrics that communicate with the current climate. This is peoples music. MLIC's current demo can be downloaded for free on this myspace. MLIC's first 6 track EP is currently being recorded in Scarborough and will be released in September. is also in development and will be launching in July. Keep checking our myspace for tour dates and radio plays over the summer months. REVIEWS 'I can't liken your music to anything, which is why I like it' Stuart Morrison, Insomnia Radio UK 'It's like a metalised less smacked up version of leftover crack, with more riffs and a singer that can actually sing' Andrew Culture, Editor Beat Motel You can fight this fight the only way....

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