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Mulholland Drive (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-08

Mulholland Drive is quickly becoming a force on the Austin, Texas music scene. Performing regularly at Hi-Lo, as well as Stubb’s, Nuno’s Red Eyed Fly, 311, and so on, they rapidly draw a crowd no matter what stage they play on. The allure of JewDon’s stage presence and vocal ability lures in concertgoers and connects with each one of them. JewDon’s voice resonates with a sound that reminds you of blues singers of the past but with a fresh rock twist all his own. No matter how long they play, his energy never wanes, keeping everybody on their feet. Backed up by the talented group of Josh Hensel and Andy Cowden on guitar, Sean Ferrell on bass, and Noe Lerma on drums, the result is an enthralling, full sound to complete the Mulholland Drive experience. Not only have their live performance been met with much fanfare, but their recordings have been very well received. Currently in the studio and taking the stage, expect great new music from this celebrated group.

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