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Mister Loveless (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-03

Mister Loveless is the confessional of two young men who grew up together. The reflective songs are a documentation of their town, their adventures, and their friendship. Three years ago Rob Miller and Charlie Koliha began playing music together. Nothing serious. Nonchalance presided over the whole affair. Rob played a guitar that was amplified by a 70's karaoke machine found at an elementary school; the latter played someone else's bass through someone else's amplifier. It was simply a couple of close friends strumming out melodies back and forth to each other. It was more of a way to pass the time than a real hobby, something to do between evenings while sobering up. Some how, through their friendship the casual messing around with instruments got them a start at a high school Battle of the Bands. That was their first taste of performance. From then on, a passion and drive for more has possessed them. Their collective alienation had yielded something, something fun. Thus, the idea Mister Loveless was solidified in the Rob and Charlies minds. Mister Loveless is like an old Black Car. Its parts and pieces have been changed and refined over time, but the essence of it is what keeps it going. As long as the essence is their, it wont die. What is that essence? Rob Miller, a native mid-Western kid that, through a series of events not within his control, found himself in the apathetic tundra of suburban Walnut Creek. Stories of this man walk in to rooms before he does. Rumor has it; he once stabbed and mortally wounded a thief that tried to enter his home. His driven straight forwardness leads the way. Charlies confidence and sensibility pushes and makes the ideal reality. Charlie Koliha is the contemplative gauntness that walks with contemplation through each step in his life. A Navy dropout that found his true passion in devoting himself to carpentry and art. Their voices were not complete as a duo. Through the seasons fellow musicians have come and gone, helping where they could and leaving when it was proper. Through out this process, (a process not unlike panning for gold flakes in a Californian river) many have come and gone, but none have fallen in to place with the same tenacity of Ed Melendez the drummer for Mister Loveless. An oxford man a decade or so Rob and Charlies senior, whose composed guise as a mentor has broadened the bands musical capabilities. As a compatriot, his well-versed experience in British indie music has been an infinite resource of ideas and influence. He is the hinge to Robs Door and Charlies threshold. Having gone through a run of line up and name changes, Mister Loveless is a band conscious of its true backbone. The spine that was always there, creatively and originally, is the affinity between Rob Miller and Charlie Koliha. Just two ordinary kids growing up in a deadbeat town that didnt give a shit about art. Not unlike any other pair of young comrades living life together. Three years ago, in the living room of a dirty guesthouse they began playing music together. Not for dreams of swooning girls, not for aspirations of stardom, but simply because it was fun. And thats what friends do, have fun. From that starting point they have some how (for better or worse) landed here, their debut album, a tangible piece of their youth. Something within the two of these young Americans pushed them and drove them to where they are today. This is just another step, another milestone in a their friendship. By no means the last.

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