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Matt Mills and the Wandering Past (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-25

Matt Mills is a fiery eyed singer of a generation where passion is too easily distilled through a digital filter. He is a young man born too late. This, most assuredly, spells doom for potential commercial success. However, to him, this is not discouraging in the least. Matt Mills prefers to occupy the shadowy places. Where hostility tempers resolve. Where success is not defined by bank statements. Where the average are impaled on their white picket fence for their creative impotence. These places where the common fear to tread, Matt Mills calls home. His backing band, a group of wandering phantoms of a lost past, gravitated to Mills for this reason, explicitly. His eccentricity offered a magnetism few could dare to rival. This magnetism has also led to the growing numbers of interested listeners. These listeners are responsible for a continuing propulsion towards a most unlikely of commercial success; one built squarely on a firm embrace of the unusual coupled with a complete distaste for the ordinary. Enjoy the music of the otherís. However, understand that your support of this artist is no less than a tacit rejection of the average in the contemporary world. Do not fear creativity. Live your difference.

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