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Maneuevers (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-17

The Apollo Program may have been a hoax, but Maneuvers is not. Hailing from Burlington, Vermont, friends Paul Comegno and Jeff Foran began collaborating musically in late 2005. After many long nights of writing spazzy and intricate rock songs, the duo formed Maneuvers in March of 2006. Due to many lineup changes over the course of 2006 to group was forced to put playing shows on hold until they found the right people for the band. The pair teamed up with former Punch Out drummer, Urian Hackney to round out their rhtyhm section. Influenced by bands like At The Drive-In, Fugazi, Bear vs Shark, Jawbox, and Drive Like Jehu, and Led Zeppelin, Maneuvers is ready to give loud and awe inspiring performances to audiences everywhere.

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