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LOW POINT DRAINS (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-01

Low Point Drains are a trash garage rock'n'roll band from around Rotterdam The Netherlands. We consist of Mr. Point on guitar and vocals, Mr. Drain on drums and since april '05 Mr. Low on bass. We used to be a duo since 1999. We're inspired by that great IN THE RED and SST records sound as well as bands like Minutemen and Nomeansno and The Gories. The LOW POINT DRAINS will blow you away with their filthy trashgarage sound... Their fast'n'rawkin' songs grab you by the hair and bash your head onto the ground. Sheer punkrock trash garage mayhem with a slight blues vibe! Our live shows are energetic as hell! Our debut 7" EP was released on Dutch label KURIOSA Records in 2005 and another 7" will appear this year on Sloveny Records USA. Anyway, we like to play live as much as possible, we're 100% DIY and don't need managment or bookers. Book us, we'll play anywhere... Check out: &


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