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KinKobra (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-03

At the end of february 2007 these three friends decided to join forces and form the rock act KinKobra. Their hard work and many rehearsals payed off Not only a fast growing list of gigs, which let them play at several well known festivals, sharing the stage with other national and international famous artists, they also succeded to release a 12 track ass kicking debut album called " B4I4GET ", from witch some tracks can be listened @ This all shows the band is (eventhough its short history)a band thats drivin. KNK is Pascal Molenaar (guitar/lead vocals), Etienne Baegen (drums/backing vocals), Jan Meijndert Jansen (bass/Grunt/screams) At pinkpop 2007 a demo was given to a well known radio station, 3FM serious radio, and this caused that KNK performed live at "Annemieke". They also played with other well-known acts like Krezip, Zeus & Intwine. With a fast growing share of fans KNK fuells up to play as much as they can anywhere around the world. For info, contact and bookings: 0183events Guy Funk Westwagenstraat 12 4201 HH Gorinchem +31(0)6 24 50 85 92

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