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Kill Conrad (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-10-19

Listen. We're not gonna point fingers, or name names, or toot horns or romanticize anything. It all comes down to this, ok? What is this "this"? It's the basics, and that's that. You see, Kill Conrad formed in the fall of 2005 in Boston by five friends looking to create nothing more or less than that basic, honest, passionate punk rock band. After years of frustration dealing with these trends and sub-genres and changes and the "scene," we thought to, in a sense, bring it back to basics. That is, five guys slaving away in a dank basement writing the best little punkrock songs they can, with the right amount of anger, hope, melody, and get-off-your-ass intensity firmly in place. That is, countless shows in basements and community halls and clubs and venues that could very well be shut down the next day. That is, maintaining a sincere spirit of integrity that most thought was dead and gone. What you hear is what you get. It's punk rock. Nothin more, nothing less. Enjoy. For fans of Bouncing Souls, Kid Dynamite, Lawrence Arms, 7 Seconds.

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