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Kick Start Devils (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-10-08

Bands origin: Soledad California Genre: Street punk/Punkcore Start Year: 1998 Members: Ray Treason: Guitar, Main Vocals Henry T :Bass, 2nd Vocals Monstar: Guitar and backups Ace: Drums Websites: Official myspace page: Official website: Kick Start Devils started in 1998 previously known as The Vigilantes. Ray mena ( Guitar and 2nd vocals), Brian Graham (Drums), Jsin (vocals), Stax (Bass). Who, after a fallout during a recording session for their second album, had fired their Ex-singer (jsin) and changed their name to what is currently known as Kick Start Devils in 2000. During their time as vigilantes they played with bands such as Total Chaos, The Casualties, the forgotten, Swingin' Utters and many more. In 2001 Stax left the band to join Los Dryheavers, during this time Ray mena ran into Henry, a past band member who played bass along side Ray in the band Endless Fight from Soledad, California. Henry was looking for a band to play bass in and Kick Start Devils was looking for a bass player, so without hesitation Ray Treason asked Henry to join them. Two months later they were back playing shows and throwing fund rasing events to raise cash for the Soledad YMCA youth group and playing local shows all over central california. In May 2006 Kick Start Devils headlined at their first Hollywood, Ca. show at the Whisky a Go Go and have been playing at the Whisky ever since. After playing a sold out show with Genitorturers at the Whisky a Go GO in Sept. 2006, Ray was inspired and motivated to work on some new material and in early 2007 the band had 6 new songs to track in their studio which will be released on their upcoming album The Treason files. Release date for The Treason files is set to be out in later September 2008. Since the begining Kick Start Devils have been a three piece but recently, in June 2008, they talked to their friend Monstar about joining them as the 2nd guitarist and fouth member. Monstar's first stage appearance with Kick Start Devils was on July 10th 2008 at Doc Ricketts in Monterey, Ca. Kick Start Devils have been a very close family and welcomes the new addition to the circle. In September 2008, two weeks after Brian Graham announces his departure from the band, Kick Start Devils asked Ace to join them as their new drummer. Ace previously played in a band called The Unsung Heroes who are also from Soledad, Ca. Please note: Brian Graham is the Drummer on these recordings. i.e. Death Squad (Music and Video), W.M.D, Dead and Gone, Treason, Unseen Enemy, Feed Them Poison. (Studio Session in May 2008.)

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