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KEEPFIGHTING (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-24

We are Keep Fighting from Oxnard,Ca. Growing up in the center of Oxnard we are no strangers to the Nardcore sound.With Unconventional and very amicable help from legendary og Nardcore dudes, 805's meanest metal , and the few real punks that we all know we have been spreading our name around like crazy. Since the start weve thought through our own minds and worked to purchase equipment of our own. In 2004 we recorded a demo in a garage with recording help from Jeff Davis and were pretty sure everyone we knew got a copy somehow. We have a very raw cd called Street Thrash (2006) out now and we hand it out at shows. If you dont have a copy get one.We are planning to record again very soon and have some new non trendy nardcore thrash songs in our set list. We're currently on a couple of comps L.T.E. records -welcome to the nieghborhood mix-of-punk and Face First records -break your face multination compilation of devistation.Records On Tap has recently asked if we wanted to be a part of their latest comp so we are looking forward to that, we heard some great local punk bands are on it. Keep Fighting would like to give a special unlimited thanks to everyone who supports raw hardcore that can give a shit if the masses like it and anyone that booked us for shows, hooked us up with great deals, recommended us for shows, let us borrow equipment, passed our cd's out in different countries, counties,cities or states and or gave us rides to shows just so we could get by through the next show and gain more shows.yeah.


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