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Juvenescent Beat! (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-29

Juvenescent Beat Statement Of Purpose: In order to combat the monotony and nihilism of suburban existence, Juvenescent Beat has established the following agenda: I) To free youth culture from the shackles of image and monotony. In an indifferent society that demands homogeny and comformity, we strive to be a beacon of liberation from the prison of self-consciousness, a bright oasis in the wretched desert of routine. II) To strike down each and every preconceived ideal that tenaciously cling like gnawing worms to our hearts and minds. The musty idols of religion, culture, even music - all must be dismembered in favor of new values. III) To create the first "Anti-Populist" movement within Punk, as demonstrated by the lack of a regimented dress code and Individualist Ethics. We do not speak for the common man, that detestable herd animal. What does the common man, whose very identity is dependent upon conformity, have to do with our radical and iconclastic agenda? IV) To end the legacy of mediocrity that has been instilled in the youth by the Bourgeoisie Culture. It is time to allow the truly great individuals to shine like the burning stars they yearn to be. V) To restore the urgency, excitement, and danger to Punk. The modern music scene has grown stale, sterile, and impotent with age. New paths must be forged and old ones reenvisioned.

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