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Jke Johnson (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-29

There is a sleepy ambience that accompanies most one man bands. Lets face it, when you hear someone refer to themself as such, you automatically think of an acoustic guitar or two, and a loop petal. You think of dreamy soundscapes and hipster psychedelic pop lyrics. When Jke Johnson takes the stage he shatters the images and cliches with bursts of raw feedback from his trusted Stratocaster, and his whispers of prose lead into the uninhibited screams of someone who just wants to fuck with your head. Jke began his career playing alternative folk songs in coffee houses in the quiet home of Mark Twain. After a mild obsession with Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and the Sex Pistols that grew into a major infatuation with feedback and the beauty of noise Jke began laying low, trying to formulate a style that would allow him to use traditional song structures but still remain completely in the moment. Shunning the idea of forming a band (The inability to find anyone to jam with) Jke invested in a loop station. Mixing influences from Rage Against the Machine and Tom Waits, all of Jkes rhythm comes from a mix of beating the shit out of his guitar in an unholy manner and piss poor scat. picture this; Bob Dylan trying to imitate Kurt Cobain while the sex pistols play Grateful Dead songs in the background

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