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JAG (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-16 0031-(0)6 36 27 03 91 international rock trio from the Netherlands : Jacek Jan I. Shevski - git, bass, lead-vox Ben Tai - bass, bg-vox Philip Mancarella - drums, piano, bg-vox style: Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock n Roll Influences are Napalm Death, Iggy, Anathema, Black Sabbath, Tom Waits, The Beatles, The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, early Velvet Underground, L7, David Bowie, early Hole, early Pink Floyd, Carcass founded summer 2003 in Arnhem, Netherlands until now ~100 gigs in the Netherlands and Germany, Fusionica Festival 2007 Headliner (Barcelona) California tour may 2005, winners PALM-band contest in Zwolle (NL), finalist(largest unsigned music contest in NL) of the Grote Prijs van NL, best rock act and best musician(Jacek) at the music-contest Arnhem-NL, radio airplay at Lord Litter’s and at free radio stations across Germany, Holland and Luxemburg, Top 5 in the Netherlands music magazine Alles Op Tien, reviews in music magazines in the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany and USA. Live Reviews : The headliner in the upper-hall, JAG, shows to be able to conquer the hall. A good choice. With their own quest between Glamour meets Rock, SUEDE meets SMASHING PUMPKINS and between Pop-music and experiment they prove to peak far out over the mass. The public goes crazy. 3voor12, VPRO (NL) Thanks to two bands of some different kind, the twentieth edition of the Great Price of the Netherlands doesn’t have to be described as a boring one. JAG from Arnhem and The Kickers from Groningen. …the front man of JAG was the only one that evening with some threatening nature. De Volkskrant (NL) Completely easy JAG presented a 35 minute show consisting of well-planned noise, sweet sixties pop and psychedelic sounds. Fitting the carnival JAG came dressed as nuns. The climax of the energetic show was the guitar destruction in the old The WHO way. (GER) The real sensation of the Easter weekend festival: JAG and their eclectic rock. Styles were mixed up and melted in an expressive and eccentric way. And all that came with a visual unsurpassed show. At the end of the performance the singer swung his guitar destructively round and made the stage sound man panic, but the audience found it all magnificent. De Gelderlander (NL) Demo-Reviews : (JAG - kometa demonstration 2004 CD-R) Very nice band, you can feel the enthusiasm on this record. The music is a mix of 80’s wave, 70’s hard rock (Black Sabbath), garage (Stooges) and 60’s psychedelics. With this combination JAG make me think of early Motorpsycho, and I don’t just mention that because I like to measure bands with my favourites. There are 5 numbers on this Demo-CD, mixed with a lot of phaser and echo but that’s fortunately not reducing any of the power. A special compliment to the singer for giving the band a grown-up face. LAVA (NL) The full name of the trio is The Center JAG Transport and it comes from Arnhem. The name is formed of the members’ initials but their music is not as simple as that. Complex Psychedelics with emphasized sixties influences. Attention drawing band that makes UwZwijn (red.) curious about more. Hoppla ! directly into the top five. Alles Op Tien (NL) How colourful can you make a rock record sound ? Garage, Punk, Metal, Space, Symfo, Psychedelic, even ‘ordinary’ Pop is possible with this extraordinary trio. And that within five tracks which together take exactly 16 minutes. Perhaps it comes from the strange combination of The Center JAG Transport. The last year founded band operates from Arnhem(NL) but the members are a Spaniard, an Italian German and a Pole, who all bring in their influences and you can tell from the recordings that they have a lot of live experience. The title represents the load and the potential is present. And now onwards to a coherent and complete album. Thank you in advance in the name of the European Union. OOR (NL)

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