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In Search Of was born on June 25th 2005 after playing it's first official show in Taunton Massachusetts. The band Features five veterans of the Hardcore and Punk scene who have played with the likes of: Flat Earth Society, Tears Of Frustration, AF side project Against The Grain and Friction 57. June of 05 saw the worldwide release of the split cd "Four Scenes One Family". The Cd also featuring Colin Of Arabia, Blood Stands Still and Stop This Fall has gotten ISO rave reviews not only in the USA, but around the globe, and an ever increasing international following. Tours in Canada and the USA have only fueled the passion and desire of ISO to become a major force in the music community, as well as building a connection both emotionally and physically with our fans. The often asked question "what are you guys In Search Of"? Can easily be rebutted by asking "what are you searching for"? We're all searching for something in life. And while we're all different in what we strive for, the common bond remains. We all continue to search, from now, until we die. But then again, once we die, maybe the real search begins.. Listen to the songs, read the lyrics and most importantly, get out to a show. Feel free to contact us about any shows you have going on. Thank you for your support. Listen to the songs, read the lyrics and most importantly, get out to a show! Scott - Vocals Chris - Guitar Nick - Guitar Shawn - Bass


peesh (Posted 2005-09-12 17:32:51)

Greatest band alive!!

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