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Huzzah! The Informants (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-14

Coming directly from a unique mix of soft indie-rock and metalcore bands respectively, three good friends decided to start polishing their musical chops and songwriting skills for a year in an abandoned church on the north shore of Staten Island (NYC) and began creating an honest and fun sound that was reflective of their moods, experiences, tastes, wit and personality. Soon after, Huzzah! The Informants soared to the top of the local rock scene in 2007 with their short-run release - a 3" four-song demo appropriately titled Oh, A Demo. The band's latest effort - a full-length album called None Of These Songs Are Real, layers Sean W. Gallagher's unconventional vocals with catchy melodies, Paul Carstens' power guitar and Anthony Lurito's metal-inspired drumming to churn out a record full of rock songs in their purest form. With standout tracks like the fist-pumping and quirky "Monkey Likes To Party," and the melodic and wry "Oh Golddigger" don't be surprised if you find Huzzah! The Informants' songs stuck in your head weeks after the first listen. In 2008, Huzzah! The Informants will release their debut album, companion 7" (Songs of Doom and Despair) and in the Fall, go on a full fledged U.S. tour.

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