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Human Host (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-02-01

Human Host began in December 2002 in Baltimore, Md. USA. It's creative core is Mike Apichella and Lucas Rambo, but also includes a rotating ensemble of diverse musical & nonmusical contributors and collaborators. They have released five full length recordings, and many of these are on the Annapolis/College Park, Md.based Firecracker Firecracker label. Human Host have also released many non full length records and they have also scored the soundtrack music for two independent films, and off and on since 2007 the group has been hard at work collaborating with various auteurs on a feature length, self titled Human Host movie to be completed in the near future. 9 different domestic tours found HH performing live shows all over the U.S. at a wide variety of venues.

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