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Human Demise (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-16

Started in February 2004, Human Demise is a new band from the Brabant Area (The Netherlands). After all playing in previous bands, these 4 individuals combine their musical abilities into a blend of modern hardcore with a touch of the dark side of metal. Sick, anger-spitting lyrics with heavy guitar parts and bone crushing drum parts makes the band one heavy experience you must see live on a stage. Now, if you must name the greatest influences of this band, well, you’ll probably end up with bands like Ringworm and Integrity mashed up with Sworn Enemy and Earth Crisis. The band is now completing the writing process, and feels they must let the world know they exist. So a demo is already planned for October . And at the same time the first shows are already planned, so better keep your eyes and ears open.

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