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HYNKELS, THE (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-10

THE HYNKELS are a twisted humour guerilla punkrock band from the depths of dirty 'ole vienna ++++ Established: late 2002 ++++ Target: PUNKROCK ++++ Music: old-school-HC, 70ties Punk ++++ Dressing: extraordinary bad ++++ Image: political but funny ++++ OUT NOW: THE HYNKELS- s/t EP (MDA01) ++++ 5 songs ++++ 7" vinyl only ++++ limited to 500 ++++ front-picture by great great american poster artist emek ( ++++ 7 SECONDS meet THE BRIEFS with a big hangover! Or, as drumstick-boy "Greg the head Santo" likes to say, an austrian "all(non)star-band" with members of VACUNT, KURWA APPARATA, BAD GIRLS MAGAZINE and ex-SKEPTIC ELEPTIC. Great 77-punkrock-melodies, 80ties hardcore-riffs and 3 guys at the mikes. What do you want more? Yeah, of course, they're political too, but please take 'em not too serious (kinda "I like guns & uniforms"). "1-2-4-Q" and "the kids are coming" reminds a lot to the stuff on the legendary Killed-by-death-series. And with "let´s get rid of DC", the 4 chaotics come up with an temperamental interpretation of an classic 77 tune from LA's "one live job & one EP" band THE RANDOMS with changed lyrics. Last but not least there's "PMA" (Positive Mental Attitude), a never released song by those punk veterans CAPTAIN BOYCOTT from the austrian steelcity. But it's not only a MUST-HAVE for your lethargic ears, coverartwork hab been made by LA's poster artist Emek ( and vienna painting slave Peter Fechtner!!! Buy or die.... [sag]


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