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Great Divine (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-09

Great Divine started as a single idea of bringing the best live show possible to all audiences. Through some obstacles and some line-up changes, the band has demonstrated it's audacity and perseverance to stay afloat the local scene. Having played with bands like My Bitter End and Implosive Disgorgence, there is no doubt this band will leave a mark on its own. <BR> "Not only do we want kids to like the music they hear on our E.P.," guitarist Sebastian Lopez says "but we want everyone to know that we are a live band. We want anyone and everyone who comes out to one of our shows, to leave with the satisfaction they deserve for paying to see us. In true honesty, they are not privileged to see us, we are privileged to see them." <BR> Though Great Divine is a young band, they have shown the moral fiber, and the responsibility of bigger acts. Self Recording, Co-Producing along with Mark Annino of Unwanted Superheroes and Sunday Driver(Doghouse Records) fame, and releasing their self-titled E.P., they are trying to make clear to all fans, that the true power behind their music, are the fans themselves.

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