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GARY 84 (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-20

Here's the story of a band name GARY84. The band, which has members spread out all over call Southern California home. Matt-Drums and Josh-Guitar came together back in Jan.2003 . Then came Ahmed-Bass who answered the call in Sept.2004. Justin-Other Guitar walked in on the mess in May of 2005 through an ad in the Recycler. It all came together July of 2005. The four members of GARY84 still needed a singer when whom did they meet but the one and only Hugh Brian Asnen formerly of the Hue-Dells through Craigs List. The 5 piece band as it is now came together to fuse all their influences together into one giant melting pot and call it "rock". With comparisons and influences ranging from the Stooges to Gun's n' Roses from Kiss to Clutch from Black Sabbath to Joe Jackson, it covers a lot of ground. One thing for sure is that it's loud. With an emphasis on keeping it fun, keeping it simple, but most of all keeping it loud. It's hard not to take notice of GARY84. Catchy and melodic vocal lines grab your attention while intertwined with the duelling guitars to keep things interesting and a solid groovey rhythm section will be sure to make you shake your money maker. To say the least, the music of GARY84 is infectous. Recently releasing a full-length album on Meat Mallet Records imprint entitled "This is Gonna Hurt" GARY84 is spreading the word and taking over the world. In one short year GARY84 has played some 80+ shows at places including the key club with legend rockers "the smithereens" & "Varuca Salt" the Lava Lounge, the Bunkhouse (Vegas) & The Double Down Saloon (Vegas), the Crest, the Cat Club, and Surf City Saloon just to name a few and written/rewritten/discarded/recorded some 35+ songs. Just goes to prove, no one is safe, not even your mom. The following is building, the endorsements are coming in, the album is climbing and just remember, it's all rock and roll and if it ain't rock and roll, it ain't important. Lovingly, GARY84

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