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From A Lacerated Sky (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-22

From A Lacerated Sky hail from Brooklyn New York and was formed in late 2006. After many lineup changes and new faces brought into the mix at this point you could FALS is set in stone with Luis leading the vocals, John leading guitar, Tom on rythm, Jesse on Bass and Smallz on drums. FALS are always looking to play shows, in NY or out of state. In the process of taking thier careers to the next step FALS are in the process of purchasing a van and finishing the record of thier 1st EP which will drop in early 2008. To Book From A Lacerated Sky: or hit up FALS have shared the stage with: Emmure Endwell Bela Kiss My Bitter End The World We Knew Float Face Down The Flaming Tsunamis The Grieving Process Grace Gale Fatality FALS' popularity is growing by the day and thier following is only getting stronger and stronger. If you talk to any member of FALS you'll know thier in this for the long run. Book them NOW. (((If any bands are intrested in show trades we have numerous connects in the Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan area)))

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