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Familea Miranda (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-03

“FM was formed in Santiago, Chile in 1999. Familea Miranda (“noisy onlookers” or “window shoppers”- according to the local slang) is the confluence of two “veteran musicians” of the chilean underground punk scene from the early 90’s. (They like to say they are “survivors of the practise room”) In their style, come together comfortably, elements of punk rock, obscure metal, noise and some spots of south-american folklore, always insisting on thematics dyed of a fine black humor and abstractions. In their seven years of existence, they have known to distill a mostly instrumental sound that brings to mind the intrincate legacy of Shellac, the density of Melvins and the energy of Fugazi, always watching with distrust the traditionalism of the music generated at this side of the Los Andes mountains. The founders of this project are the guitarist and vocalist Rodrigo-Katafú-Rozas, and the bass player and vocalist Rodrigo–Milo-Gomberoff. FM have released 3 lp’s. FM(2001), Ferguson (2003), Ensayo Error (2006) And have toured extensely around Europe, Latin America and Chile” Salud!!!! Record labels and oficial distributors. CHILE Quemasucabeza( USA Darla( CZECH REPUBLIC Silver Rocket ( SPAIN BCore( GERMANY Coraille ( WEB

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