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FIRE TO REASON (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-04

FIRST THINGS FIRST..... WE HAVE OWNED AN ALL AGES VENUE WHERE WE LIVE(THE SOUNDSTAGE) FOR OVER 8 YEARS AND TOUR 48 STATES A YEAR. SO IF YOUR BAND CAN SWAP SOME SHOWS IN YOUR HOMETOWN AND NEED SHOWS IN ARKANSAS....HIT US UP!!!!! Born OCTOBER 28th 2005 as a 3 piece band with only one goal in mind. A brutal energetic form of therapy through music. The name is derived from a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes �Eloquence may set fire to reason� Surviving member changes, 14,000 + miles, and over 100 shows last year across the United States , FIRE TO REASON has grown to become the most active touring band from ARKANSAS playing 48 states a year and making a name for themselves nationwide with no end in sight. GO TO OUR ONLINE MERCH STORE NOW!!!!!!


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