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Earthman Embassy (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-07-09

Earthman Embassy didn’t officially begin until the summer of 2007 when guitarist Ben Taylor and keys player George Zeitler cut some demos at Anthony Vitale’s “Original Music School” in New Jersey. While driving home from a day at the studio the two passed an “Embassy Suites” hotel and decided that the word “embassy” followed “earthman” quite nicely, and so Earthman Embassy was born. Prior to this, George and Ben had spent a substantial amount of time during their freshman year at college playing both as a duo at the local coffee shop in Hamilton, New York and also playing as a band with Earthman’s now bassist Mike Petersen and several different drummers, none of whom really seemed to click. Finally, after just a few weeks back at school during their sophomore year, George, Ben, and Mike stumbled upon Tommy Crocker, a most talented drummer hailing from Seattle, Washington. Though only a freshman, Tommy fit in with the band’s musical goals and sense of humor very well and so the quartet known as Earthman Embassy was finally complete. The success that followed was quite substantial. Earthman Embassy managed to land many gigs at Colgate, as well as some in Hamilton and some as far as a two hour drive from their school. They were constantly being requested to play by just about every club and organization at the University, and even had to turn down many events due to conflicts with other gigs. Perhaps their most memorable gig of the semester was when they opened for Atlantic Records’ “Tally Hall.” Several of their shows received rave reviews in the school newspaper and when they finally finished recording their 7-track demo CD at the end of the spring semester the demand for it was much higher than expected. Now back in action in 2009, the band has already played a show at Funk n’ Waffles in Syracuse and also played a small weeknight gig at Colgate. The band has several new songs in the works and they hope to expand their horizons this year by playing more shows around the central New York area. Due to the absence of Mike Petersen (he is abroad currently) the band has taken on the very talented Jeremy Padow on Bass and plan to keep him in the band even after Mike’s return as he is also a fantastic guitarist. Check Out Earthman Embassy's Latest Reviews!

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