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E.M.S. (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-09

E.M.S. stands for "ego.means.survival." and made a punk/hardcore-band in waidhofen/ybbs in austria from summer of 1993 - 2002. formed by 4 school-kids with a heavy heavy-metal background then the bands output was influenced by older u.s. bands like dead kennedys, mdc, no means no, bad religion or minor threat, german bands like boxhamsters or graue zellen and a serious d.i.y.-scene in austria in the early 90ies with kurort or those who survived the plague. they played more than 100 shows in squats and youth-centres in austria & neighbour-countries and released several split-vinyls and tapes on various d.i.y.-labels. the music is a mixture of melodies and brutality, of straight hardcore and weird rhythms and tunes. the lyrics are about living, usually in a very clear political and emotional style.

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