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Detroit 442 (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-28

DETROIT 442" formed exactly on march 10, 2006, the name coming from an old Blondie song, a car engine, and reported number of fires during the riots. The band features Detroit punk rock legend Lacy on vocals, who's been a fixture in the Detroit punk scene since 1977 playing in such bands as "Son of Sam", and "The Hillside Stranglers".Also in the band are Eric on guitar and Mike on bass both former members of "The Jollys" who toured Europe with "the Hillside Stranglers" in 2003-2004, and Sean on drums from "Troubleman". The band recorded it's debut CD "Living in the age of fear" in Eric's basement studio, which features two Midwest radio and punk club hits "now here, nowhere" and "Digital"(an old Joy Division cover), and immediately toured Europe in support of the CD. Detroit 442 are currently recording there follow-up CD and planning a tour of the USA this summer and a tour of Europe this autumn.

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