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Destroy Nate Allen (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-16

For two years, Nate Allen aka Destroy Nate Allen has been traveling the west coast in anyway imaginable (buses, trains and hitch-hiking are just the start!) to deliver his brutally honest form of folk rock to anyone who would listen. In between (and sometimes on) tours DNA has produced a growingly impressive and prolific discography. Last year alone he is released six records, the latest of which, his debut full length - Awake O' Sleeper, was mastered by Kramer (Butthole Surfers, Half-Japanese, Danielson, GWAR). With songs ranging from brooding country and exuberant folk punk to introspective indie rock and at times even gospel, Destroy Nate Allen is quickly making a name for himself in the independent music scene. If you dig, anything from Johnny Cash or Woody Guthrie to Against Me, Bright Eyes or Pedro The Lion you'd probably enjoy DNA. Press: "Allen sings and plays like a man near death, wanting to make every second count." – theblackandwhitemag "Imagine a man inside a plastic bag, pushing out and out, ever expanding the limits while never truly leaving the restrictions. His set was short, but inspired; and the music he created was warm, like building a shelter for the lost..." - Destroy Nate Allen's acoustic musings stand out as authentic without being saccharine. The prolific songwriter captures listeners with his effectual lyrics, perfect for the cafe setting. – The East Bay Express “Lo-fi acoustic sing-a-longs of charm and wit. Nothing to fancy, just enough to separate himself from the countless droves of “singer/songwriter” clones out there.”

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