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Dead Zebbra (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-03

Dead Zebbra is a three piece band from a place that no-one cares about in Illinois. Just started earlier this year we have already been playing shows and recording in the studio. The genre thing realy dont matter to us. We play whatever we feel like playing or writting. The members,(Nathan Leinberger-Vocals,Guitar Matt Needham-Bass and Kyle Wells-Drums) all have a great love for all things music. Kyle's roots lie in metal and hard rock, where as Matt's lie in funk and alternative rock. Nate's are mostly rock and grunge. All members still love all different types of music, but the diverse roots allow for a diverse feel. We dont care what the current scene is or if we are just re-hashing older rock...THATS A GOOD THING TO US. Music has become to complicated(at least on the coperate level) and we just cant relate to it anymore. Some of our songs may be a bit cynical or depressing, but when you come from a place that we can they not be. We just cant relate to "Supermaning a hoe"(which is funny cause most people singing it dont even know what it means). Things are just too fucked up in the world to sit back and not notice, so thats what we write about. Oh and just to mention, we do like rap...just the kind thats good. NOT KANYE. So I'm about out of shit to write...we love to play..its our life. So venue owners or bands who would like to book us...just hit us up on myspace or by e-mail. Peace

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