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DeRita Sisters (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-17

We make punkrock that we want to listen to. We don't keep up with any trends. We've been around since 1992 with a hundred different lineups but we're still going strong. Band members are all in their late 40s and can rock with the best of the youth. Influences are 1977 punk rock, 60s garage rock and porn. We are politically incorrect, hate vegetarians and white kids with dreadlocks. We do songs about fucking, shitting, farting and sex. We have legitimately released 22 records over 13 years all on real labels, mostly in Europe where we have a large cult following. We've toured Europe six times, played the famous WASTED FESTIVAL in England and have had a hit single in Germany. Not bad for being totally obscure. Check us out after you shove that skateboard straight up your ass.

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