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The loud shall inherit the music industry. With major record companies losing money by the yacht-load these days, itís a good thing that bands like DACTYL can continue to work and thrive. Like cockroaches surviving after a nuclear war, underground rock bands must do whatever they can to survive and make records. Finding affordable alternatives to expensive recording studios is a must, and DACTYL seems to have found that. According the liner notes, this record was tracked at a club in Baltimore, with the vocals recorded "by Adam in his living room." (Adam is the recordís producer.) It doesnít get more DIY than that. The fact that the live recording setting gives "Teething" a distinct and organic feel is a given. The intensity of the music ebbs and flows quite nicely, creating a unique overall listening experience instead of sounding like just a bunch of songs thrown together. DACTYLís freeform sound has a lot in common with current noisemakers like SHELLAC and BOTCH. Thereís no shortage of punk enthusiasm here. Guitarist/vocalist Eric Smith does not come from the cookie monster school of singing, but his voice is still very non-traditional. For the most part, he sounds like FU MANCHUís Scott Hill with Bellís palsy (see track two, "Tooth Magic.) The rest of the band follow suit with strong, albeit left of center performances. Smith and fellow guitarist Rick Major really know how to use feedback for great dramatic effect. Listen to the opening build-up on the final track "Pull the Pin!" for an example. If DACTYL is any indication, indie/underground rock still has a lot of life left in it. Empires rise and empires fall, but cockroaches will always survive.


stup (Posted 2008-05-17 21:00:32)

you guys are rad

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